Information from F O A L - progress towards creating some centre for books in English - even if it will not be as large and comprehensive as the one closed down 3 years ago





The library was set up three years ago when the huge American library in Montpellier was closed.

A group of dedicated readers and friends of the old library decided to set up a new association and build a library.

We started out with a few books that people had donated, then, thanks to subscription fees, generous benefactors and later a grant from the Town Hall we were able to increase the collection. We currently have about 50 active members and a large group of friends. We offer current fiction and non-fiction, best sellers, biographies, thrillers, good, mainstream literature for avid readers. We add new books three or four times a year.

We have now started to specialise in very recent literature and we try to be at the cutting edge although we do also have the “100 best books of the XX century” selected from lists on the internet. A selection of magazines and literary reviews are also on loan.

We have branched out and the association also sponsors events such as book readings, talks, a literary quiz and various entertainments which are extremely popular. We have a Christmas party in December and the quiz in January is one of our highlights. We always offer drinks and nibbles at the end of an event so that people have a chance to get to know each other.

We are currently housed in one of our member’s apartments and we are now looking for permanent premises, hopefully provided by the Town Hall.

If and when this happens we hope to add a children’s section which is in great demand and a convivial space where people can come for a cup of tea and a chat.

 Our Permanent Book Sale allows members to show support by bringing in recent books to add to the collection or the permanent Book Sale, the money raised goes towards buying new books

Our 12-month library membership fees are modest

Active member   25 euros  Benefactor  40 euros   Student     15 euros

“Book Chat” sessions are held regularly for people to get together and talk about books they have enjoyed.


If you wish to have more information about the library, opening hours and address, send an email to  or go to our website