Montpellier - the work station of Saint-Roch - February 15, 2012

Montpellier - the work station of Saint-Roch - February 15, 2012

Day and night, not easy to navigate to the train station in Montpellier at the moment - see letter below.

The €56 million project will create a multi-modal transport hub at Saint Roch station and will be completed by September 2014.

This project, in addition to improvements to the station,  is part of a larger scheme to create 1,500 housing units, offices and shops - in total 50 000 m2 floor area,


The new scheme will also provide revamped road accessibility and more parking.


It will be served by a public transport sytem, which by the end of April will include 4 tram  lines as well as the bus system.


To maintain the station in Montpellier St Roch activity during construction, work will be scheduled in two tranches for completion by the fall of  2014. 

Since last October until mid-2013, the work is taking place on the short-term parking area, ( see picture above), involving the closure of access to the station by the Montpellier St Roch Bridge  for motorists and pedestrians.


Montpellier - work on the former car park of the station - 2011

Virtual model of the Gare Saint-Roch in 2014



Virtual model of the façade of the Gare Saint-Roch in 2014

Virtual model of the canopy level 1 of the Gare Saint-Roch in 2014






Parking, with the drop-off zone,  will be moved 200 meters on the existing car park of the Rue du Grand St Jean. 

At the moment the station is  accessible on foot via the main entrance Gibert Place by the Rue des Deux Ponts, and by a link from the new car park along the platform  in  from the station.


Two of the eight skylights provided the project has already been completed with the work being done during the night,

This is to create 8 openings - light wells - of 10x15 meters above concourse to bring more natural light to the platforms which will also have new escalators and improved disabled access to the trains.


This € 56m project will enable the Gare Saint Roch to handle the 10 million passengers expected to use the station each year by 2020. 


A completely new TGV station, south of Odysseum will be constructed  between 2015 and 2017, to serve the new high speed line which will link Nimes to Perpignan and thence to Spain.