What is WoW ?



So many people have been asking about WoW – I now feel I have to do an “about us” page.

WoW means “What’s On Where, When and sometimes Why”. 

The title was a gift from Tony Gaunt the artist from Pinet – who with Greg and Alex from Languedoc Living and Creme de Languedoc websites from Roujan have been nagging me for so long that I gave in and started the website. 

To begin with it was cheap and looked it until Kevin Brennan (Negsy) made WoW join the 21st century and piloted us through design and mailing systems and all the wonders of the net.

The accompanying “mood music” was Sue, my partner, wife and best friend who urged and cajoled me into getting on with it.

I felt that too much on the web was self regarding and egoistical and not really what I wanted BUT so many friends knew I was wrong – I finally gave in!

It started because the lamentable lack of marketing for events – so many excellent things missed for the want of information. 

We once went to a performance of Beethoven 6 and realised there were more in the band than in the audience.  They only got the posters out the day before.  Knowing the tymps person would count during the rests I realised that poor marketing meant poor audiences which in turn would mean the orchestra might stay home and cosy in Montpellier.

That was the genesis for the site – events, then News as so few Anglophones read about the news of France – and therefore miss so much.  Travel and weather followed, then events split into Exhibitions and Festivals etc etc.

Then – how about a section for anglo organisations to help people settle in? 

Then food and the fine wine writer Rosemary George offered a wine column.

Restaurants followed and then "days out" and so it continues.


WoW has a weekly twice weekly radio slot on RPH and Kevin got that on the site too.


With this powerful communication tool the Cassan Christmas Fair

 grew with over 4,000 visitors last year and 159 exhibitors







Music in the Music Room for visitors to the Cracker fair gave us the idea of the Sunday Morning concerts.

The winter series was designed to let people who like music but not driving at night, to have a day time event on Sunday mornings.  The first series was a sell out - 5 more are planned for this winter.

They start with coffee at 10.30 followed by a one  hour concert and then a wine tasting before Sunday lunch and the papers.

WoW also now runs the English Language Cinema Club in Pezenas - PECC.  When the founder, Sarah Ridout moved away she asked WoW to take over.

The WoW site is a charity so we make no money but are just beginning to cover some of the expenses.

But it is all down to one person doing the site – so the ambition is to be able to hire someone to input some of the data – the hardest and most boring part.

From 20 - 100 hits a day when we started we are now getting between 350 and 850 hits a day - depends on the information - Volcanic Ash created a great deal of traffic.

We have now had over 80,000 hits from 141 countries and the growth continues.

Right from the start we had the support of Beziers Cap d'Agde airport - a great boost to the site and since then AB Real Estate, Noilly Prat and flybe have joined in to support WoW.

With the help of Kevin Brennan and LA Art we have widened our role into a tailored emailing service in the music and art sectors and have created the Consortium Culturel to increase the service and coverage provided by WoW and LA Art

If you like what we do - you can help.

  • Restaurant reviews are always welcomed
  • Ideas for “days out” would be good too
  • Fresh ideas for the site most welcome
  • Spread the word to other Anglophones
  • Encourage people to have links to WoW
  • Send in some adverts – just €50 for 3 months or €140 a year or sponsor a page
  • And we wouldn’t say no to a donation or two – nothing too large – but the odd €10 would be useful and encouraging


Do let WoW know what you like and how you can help -  email me at



WoW is grateful to the main sponsors of the site