No One Wants To Shake The French President’s Hand

Dutch newspaper Volkskrant reckon that Francois Hollande has popularity issues with other world leaders.



Homemade Fireworks...


The Daily Mail - which accepts HMGs playing around with figures

A cheap joke leaving out the fact that the UK government included the DOMs and TOMs in their calculations to show that France is so much warmer than Britain.  
In fact we think the true figures for France show it is actually rather colder with less warming from the Gulf Stream, a Continental cold centre and lots of mountains.

This is just wonderful 


How is it done?


New satellite launched - signals may be impared


British TV in France, Tech Talk – November 2013

Astra 2e has been launched successfully.


It is expected that it will go into service by the end of November at which point most, if not all, UK FTA Channels will be affected.

British TV in France has been thinking long and hard about how to resolve the variety of problems we will all face when 2e goes into service.

The signal varies from the North to the South of the region.
eg. at Montpellier the installation of a larger dish +/- 100cm will probably offer good reception.

At the Narbonne – Carcassonne level, a 120cm dish will probably be required. South of this line the size of dish required, perhaps a 150cm./180cm, may suggest going down the IPTV route is a better idea.

Please note that Dishes size 90cm., 100cm, 110cm. can ONLY be wall or ground mounted and dishes over this size require ground mounting.

To guarantee 100% reception in the area between Perpignan and Beziers a combination of a 120cm dish and an IPTV Box might be the cheapest solution instead of the costs involved with installing 
a 125/150 Dish.
This system does not only give you the main UK Channels, but also allows access to the main 5 French Channels, 
and a selection of other TV channels from around the world. It also carries ‘Free’ access to a huge range of movies !

As a guide; the costs involved for this would be in the region of 575€ using your existing bracket, cabling etc. Should an ethernet home plug network and any new Brackets etc be required please allow an additional +/- 60€. This should enable reception from the Satellite for around 80% of the time and when the signal is ‘off’ you can switch to the IPTV System for continued viewing.

The advantage of this idea is that you will have the flexibility of satellite, with its top quality output, most of the time.

I am unfortunately still not convinced that a 150cm Dish will actually resolve the issues in the Southern area of our region and am still recommending going down the IPTV Route (adsl is required for these systems)
for at least the short term.

UK ExPAT TV have introduced a IPTV System that will work on the low internet speed of 0.5mb. 
The quality isn’t as good as the ‘standard service’, but when there are no other options this could be useful. It however is best viewed on an HD TV via HDMi. See below for all details

I can now offer various solutions that will ensure that no one will have to lose
their UK TV when 2e come into service. These are:

1.   I may be able to replace your existing dish with a larger model – subject to your location, planning issues
and the allowances for by the high winds which this region has to deal with.

2   If larger dish is not feasible then there is the option of an internet based IPTV Service. For this a broadband/ADSL 
connection is required of a minimum 0,5mb. I offer a ‘use friendly’, high quality system with 14 or 7 day ‘catch up’. This can connect to your router via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable/home plug’ and provides the main UK TV/radio FTA channels.

There is a Monthly Subscription but there are PAYG possibilities for people with
’Second Residences’ or Gites that are only working some months of the Year.

3.   There are also ‘subscription free’ IPTV alternatives. They are slightly less ‘user friendly’, and require a faster
 internet connection (+/-2m). The picture quality is very good if you have a fast enough connection to allow streaming in HD.

They offer a good number of UK TV channels, some French channels, and loads more
from around the world.

As well as  ‘FTA access’ to huge libraries of movies, as well as YouTube it is ideal for anyone ‘on a budget’. Again these connect to your router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable or Home Plug Network.

They are however dependent on the internet and maybe are better suited as either a back up system for a dish or as a second system. This Technology is recent and hasn’t quite been ‘tamed’ yet.

However I have had a system that has been functioning for three months although there has been some changes to the system to get used to.

Both these IPTV systems will work on CRT TV’s via A/V or scart connections, as well as on HD TV’s via HDMi. The image is of a higher quality on an HD TV via HDMi.

4.   If none of the above is feasible, then there is a limited satellite alternative which uses dishes of 80cm./90cm and could even use your existing dish. The dish would however require realigning to 27.5’ West of South.
It only offers a limited number of channels and has NO long term guarantees but may well be a good option to investigate for anyone who cannot go with any of the above.

Dave Smith, the ‘Skyman’ Contact for further details


Gare de Lyon put a piano on the concourse


The Gare de Lyon put a piano in the main concourse for anybody to play. The station is now continuously filled with all sorts of great music. Brilliantly simple yet transformative idea.


Thanks for this Karl


For no other reason that it is fun

"Night Watch" by Rembrandt, brought to life 

The Rijksmuseum museum in Holland had an idea:

Let's bring the art to the people and then, hopefully, they will come to see more - at the museum. They took one Rembrandt painting from 1642, Night Watch and brought to life the characters in it, placed them in a busy mall and the rest you can see for yourself!

File:The Nightwatch by Rembrandt.jpg


BEFORE YOU CLICK on the link below.....take a good look at the painting above. Then click to enjoy the video.

Thanks to Mike for this

Carrefoire Market Pezenas - just another day in the vegetable section


An old story but funny nonetheless


How to fly the Airbus A 380

BA became the first British airline to fly the A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft, last month, on its so-called "red carpet" route from London to Los Angeles.

The simulator, housed in a hanger on the outskirts of Heathrow, is used to train the pilots that fly the "superjumbo".

In the first of these two videos, Dewbury shows how to take off. In the second (below), he performs a textbook landing at a virtual Los Angeles Airport.

Inside, the simulator is an exact replica of the aircraft’s cockpit, with its countless screens and switches. A wraparound virtual window makes the experience even more realistic.


Well - you might also laugh a lot!

 Thanks Ian for this little gem.


Just trying to help


Fireman rescues kitten


Face book "likes" counts as free speech in U.S.

Court Rules That Facebook Likes Count as Free Speech



facebook_logo_flatThe case of a former deputy sheriff and several of his co-workers in Hampton, Virginia, who claimed they were fired for liking the Facebook page of a candidate running against their boss in 2009 went all the way to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled on the case this week. The verdict: Facebook likes are indeed protected by free speech laws.

“Liking a political candidate’s campaign page communicates the user’s approval of the candidate and supports the campaign by associating the user with it,” Chief Judge William Traxler wrote. “It is the Internet equivalent of displaying a political sign in one’s front yard, which the Supreme Court has held is substantive speech.”

Six former employees of sheriff B.J. Roberts brought a case against him for firing them due to their support of his opponent. According to the court documents, the sheriff told deputy sheriff Daniel Carter that: “You’ve made your bed, now you’re going to lie in it, after the election you’re out of here.” Both Facebook and the ACLU expressed their pleasure about the ruling, saying that the boundaries between expressing one’s beliefs in the real world and expressing them online are becoming thinner and thinner.

While the rights of the sheriff’s employees were justly upheld, it’s important to remember to be careful what content you like or post on Facebook. It’s a direct reflection of your personal beliefs, and you never know who may disagree with them.


Clever link to compare local incomes with the French average

It is worth remembering when you try this out that to earn over €50,000 a year puts you in the top 10% of French incomes

Over €100,000 and you are in the top 1%.




Jaw-dropping moment diver plunges her arm into shark's mouth

Professional diver and shark handler Cristina Zenato made the brave move as she came to the aid of a seven-foot Caribbean reef shark with a fisherman's hook stuck in its mouth.

Footage filmed in the Caribbean shows the heartstopping moment a diver reaches into the mouth of a shark to remove a fisherman's hook.

Cristina Zenato can be seen slowly easing her hand past the razor sharp teeth of the seven-foot long Caribbean Reef Shark.

She appears to be stroking its head in a bid to keep it calm, but as the shark begins to jerk its head, she plunges her arm inside and rapidly yanks out the hook. The animal then swims off while its rescuer is congratulated by her fellow divers.

Miss Zenato has been working with sharks for 19 years, and keeps a detailed log of her encounters with the animals as part of efforts to educate people about shark conservation.


“Instagram for PC” Scam Targets Facebook Users

instagramA new scam is spreading on Facebook that promises to let users download an application called “Instagram for PC.” Of course, no such app exists, but as security firm Symantec reports, over 4,000 people have already posted about the scam on Facebook and Twitter. The app purports to let PC users access Instagram without a phone.

When users click on the link for the fake app, they’re presented with an authentic-looking Instagram log-in screen. After doing so, they’re immediately confronted with an error that encourages them to try the download again and share the app on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Of course, like so many of these scams, Instagram for PC then asks users to complete a survey upon failure of the download in an attempt to obtain their personal information. Well-informed Facebook users doubtlessly see right through scams like this one, though as Satnam Narang of Symantec pointed out in his recent blog post about the app, these cons keep cropping up over and over again.

“If you are a social network user, be wary of scammers trying to find ways to convince you to provide your login details, install applications, or copy and paste code into web pages,” wrote Narang in a blog post about the malicious app. “Do not click on suspicious links and report any suspicious links using the reporting functionality within Facebook and other social networks. These are all tactics that have been used time and time again because they work.”


Credit card scams

A warning from Mike


Another scam doing the rounds. A delivery company calls and asks if you are going to be in as they have a parcel for you.

Within the hour a driver appears with a basket of flowers and a bottle of wine, no idea who it's from but there is going to be a card to follow.

He asks for £3.40 so he can prove the delivery has been made to an adult as there is alcohol in it.

He can't take cash as the transaction has to be prove able so he produces a hand held card reader. You put your card in and type the PIN and get a receipt from the machine for £3.40.

A couple of days later your account has been cleaned out.

Clever and affective. Unless you know who it is from beware of unexpected deliveries.

Be wary also of hand-held card readers in restaurants you're not familiar with. If your waiter takes the machine away with your card in it on a pretext of the machine not working, or similar, follow the card.

The machine could be bogus used simply as a device to record your card details and your all-important PIN.

It happened to me in France at a restaurant close to the border with Spain. I wasn't 'cleaned out' but my card was used in several locations in Spain to fraudulently extract over £700. My Bank made good!


Odd eh?  


Morocco would like Ceuta back too. Who would the UK back?